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Bahamas Agreement Ascension Island

The third element of the package is the most important, but it is it that has created the greatest difficulty. The Portsmouth report argued that it would not be possible to have a democratic economy or community without further liberalisation of the island. These were property rights, the right of residence, the privatization of assets – so that there would be an embryonic system of activity with the growth of small businesses – and the opening of the island to visitors with limited specialized tourism. The population is small and there is a long tradition of controlling it. A 1925 political declaration said that only friendly tribes could go to the island. It was an allusion to St. Helena, and migrant workers from St. Helena make up three-quarters of Ascension Island`s population. The structure of the population is characterized by the interim. The island`s workers are literally immigrant workers: they are there to work for a while and have to leave when they retire. That was the traditional pattern. In 1843, botanist and explorer Joseph Hooker visited the island. Four years later, with much encouragement from Darwin, Hooker advised the Royal Navy to draw up a long-term plan to ship the trees to Ascension with the help of Kew Gardens.

The planted trees would capture more rain and improve the soil, so the arid island could become a garden. Thus, from 1850 and year after year, boats landed with a selection of plants from botanical gardens in Argentina, Europe and South Africa. In the late 1870s, Norfolk pines, eucalyptus, bamboo and banana trees at the island`s highest point, Green Mountain, grew in abundance, creating a rainforest of fog. [14] I commend Dr. Cable for ensuring the debate. When I first knew that we were going to have a one-and-a-half-hour debate on such a small island with so few people, I was quite confused about how we could justify it. However, some of the points raised by the honourable Member have clearly shown why this is such an important subject and why it needs to be disseminated in our Parliament. This only applies to people who come to Ascension to work on local employment contracts with one of the organizations listed below. It allows an employee and his or her legitimate relatives, as soon as they are on the island, to obtain a stamp of employment or accompaniment from the administrator`s office and to obtain multiple entries in connection with the end date of their contract. As for the issue of U.S. citizens, they work on the basis of the United States. Ascension Island provides an important strategic base, among other things, for evacuations or humanitarian assistance that may be needed to enable the United States to operate in West Africa.

The Bahamas Agreement of 1956, to which the honourable Member of Twickenham referred, allows the use of Ascension Island free of charge. However, these persons are subject to tax on all goods and services purchased by their base and their principal contractor pays income tax. I hope that this will address the point raised. In 1501, the Portuguese navigator João da Nova looked at the island on Ascension Day (which fell on May 21 of the same year) and called it ilha da Ascensão after that feast. [5] Dry and arid, the island had little appeal for passing ships, except for the collection of fresh meat, and was not claimed for the Portuguese crown. The sailors were able to hunt after the many seabirds and giant green turtles that laid their eggs on the sandy beaches. The Portuguese also introduced goats as a potential source of meat for future sailors. With the Space Race and the Cold War, americans returned in 1956. [5] The Wideawake Airfield was expanded in the mid-1960s. The runway, with its strange hump, was extended, widened and improved to allow its use by large aircraft and later act as an emergency landing strip for the Space Shuttle, while the Shuttle never had to use it. [5] It was then the longest airport runway in the world. [20] The United States Air Force has used the island as part of its rank is.

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