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Biggerpockets Bird Dog Agreement

Bird dogs wanted! In fact, I would say that it is not in your interest to try to get a deal as a bird dog. The best way to spend your time is to drive for dollars. VogelHund Real Estate is a brand new concept for me. I`m glad Caleb Jones decided to share his experience as a bird dog for a real estate company. 5. There are many other real estate investors looking for bird dogs. It`s worth having more than one place to send leads. In addition, most investors are looking for certain types of real estate. In fact, it works best for them and for you if you only send the type of real estate – single-family, multi-family, commercial, etc. – that they want to buy. I, too, stopped observing dog real estate. How could I? Time and money were already scarce. Why bother? In addition, it was embarrassing, thank you for the publication of this model contract.

We have added our list of real estate forms: houses (3 days ago) If you know how to find real estate below market value, we want to work with you! We offer up to $1000 referral fee for each transaction we close. If you are a bird dog and can help us find troubled properties near you, we will set you up with your own affiliate code, so if we close a property that you will bring to us, we will make you one. Houses (10 days ago) The bird dog will get acquainted with areas such as short selling stores, rental options, rental investments and wholesale real estate. In other words, the training and experience a bird dog receives while working in real estate is a lot. Many popular and successful real estate investors have their roots as bird dogs. .