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Citizens Advice Settlement Agreement

If you make an agreement with your employer through Acas, your case is usually automatically withdrawn by the court and you normally don`t need to go to a hearing. While this is not a prerequisite, you may wish to include the “reason for termination” in the transaction agreement. This can be important if you have income insurance that is only paid out in certain circumstances. Some directives provide that the reason for termination must be dismissal in order for payments to be made, so it may be important to include it in the agreement. We specialize in advising employees in settlement agreements for all types of labor disputes. If you are looking for advice as part of a transaction agreement, we will be happy to help you – call us on 0333 331 4311 or fill out the contact form on our website. But there is very little chance that you will have to pay your employer`s fees. Figures show that cost orders are only carried out in less than 1% of cases. Your employer`s representative may say that they will ask you to pay the fee, but normally they are only trying to scare you, drop the deal, or accept a weak transaction offer. Early mediation will take place before you have started your legal action. If this does not lead to an agreement, conciliation can start again after asserting your rights. It is then only a question of conciliation, not of early conciliation. Generally speaking, you should always get advice on the route that suits you best in your particular circumstances.

Your union or a counselling centre like Citizens Advice should be able to help you. Acas is not in a position to assist with implementation. In England and Wales, you can get help from District Court staff with forms. You can also get advice from your representative, trade union, citizens` advisory office, legal centre, lawyer or other competent adviser. The amount you might receive depends on the injury. You should seek advice. You will check the information you have provided on your form, you will know more about your problem and if you want to try to resolve your dispute. If you do, Acas will contact your employer to begin the process of trying to reach an agreement.

Acas transactions are legally binding contracts between the parties to settle actual or potential claims before the Labour Court. They are registered on Aca`s COT3 form. .