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Collective Agreement Nurses Alberta

Finance Minister Travis Toews issued an explosive press release on Thursday afternoon accusing an Alberta nurses` union of orchestrating a “cross-cutting and unsustainable demand for indeterminate job security,” which he called a “shameful effort to exploit a health crisis.” The collective agreement was originally scheduled to expire at the end of March, but the two groups agreed to temporarily delay negotiations during the pandemic. “We have asked the ADF to work with us to postpone negotiations on its new treaty until we leave the COVID era. We do not want the Alberta government or the nurses` union to be diverted from contract negotiations at this stage. I think the public is right to expect that we will all focus on the number one workplace, which preserves life, livelihoods and our health care because of the pandemic.¬†“We ask that there be no redundancies until a new collective agreement is reached and the province tells us what it provides.”¬†Opposition finance critic Shannon Phillips made a statement Friday in response to Toews` statements that it was “incredible” that the minister was “fighting with nurses” on the same day that Alberta recorded the highest number of new cases of COVID-19. These agreements contained provisions to delay layoffs. The AHS`s latest offer included this provision and extended it until March 31, but the union wants to postpone all redundancies until a new agreement is reached. CALGARY — The head of the United Nurses of Alberta, the union that represents more than 30,000 nurses, and the province are fighting over the dates of negotiations for collective bargaining. “By insulting Alberta nurses and refusing to delay a government plan to fire at least 750 nurses under a new collective agreement, Mr. Toews is creating a great deal of insecurity in the health care system.” “It`s hard to believe that this doesn`t mean the government plans to keep rolling and fire nurses as soon as it can get out,” Harrigan said. The nurses` union does not want to wait any longer and wants to meet with the province on November 16. “It is simply wrong that the ADF is seeking to ensure indeterminate job security,” he said.