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Easement Agreement Washington State

Both types of services have legal implications that property owners should carefully evaluate before granting them. In some cases, easements can arise even without your knowledge, so it`s important to learn about existing easements and what they mean to you. An easement is an interest without ownership of real estate that allows one or more people to use land for specific purposes, when they do not own the property. If it sounds confusing, you`re not alone. In this article, we take you through the most common types of services, how they happen, and how you can handle the frequent easement disputes that occur during your land use. As soon as there is an easement – or a party claims that there is an easement – disputes over the servitude may arise. (1) Land subject to an indefinite period should be considered as taxable property for the owner of the royalty, with an assessment adjustment due to its easement. 2. For the purposes of the 1955 taxes, an easement of indefinite duration must be taken into account in the assessment of the purpose of that servitude where it was granted before 1 January 1954 and must not be taken into consideration if it is granted after that date. Alternatively, if your property is favored by an easement and the owner of the serving land (not enhanced) encroaches on your service rights, you may be entitled to continue: a third-class city cannot provide a service to an individual through a city road, street, or shopper`s trip currently dedicated to public use.

for the purposes of a private entrance.