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Esfa Aeb Funding Agreement

Providers who provide learners domiciled in Greater London should discuss funding and contractual agreements with the GLA, as allocations to the GLA are based on the postcodes of the learners` home. The delegation agreement defines the functions to be transferred by the Secretary of State to the Mayor of London. The GLA may choose to collect additional data, as necessary, to report on locally defined outcomes and provide evidence for future funding and procurement decisions. If additional data requirements are considered, the GLA will work with the DfE and the decentralised Mayoral Combined Authorities to balance these needs and minimise the additional administrative burden on suppliers. The aim of the AEB is to engage adults and give them the skills and learning they need to equip them with work, training or other learning. It makes it possible to offer more flexible and personalised learning programmes, which may or may not require a qualification, to help legitimate learners participate in learning, build trust and/or improve their well-being. The AEB supports three legal rights to full-rate funding for adult learners eligible for the following qualifications: according to the delegation, the GLA will have additional data requirements for AEB offers that have been obtained with ESF funds and that go beyond what can be collected within the ILR. Details will be published in the coming months in the data evidence requirements: eligibility and results guidance report on the European Social Fund`s DfE website. LA GLA will provide the majority of its AEB funds in the form of grants to eligible providers who currently provide EBSAs to London learners.

The rest was distributed through service contracts following an open purchasing process launched in 2018. These contracts will amount to approximately £130 million for the delivery of AEB to Londoners through an annual contract (£32.5 million per year). We have updated key terms and general timelines and added new funding schedules. The GLA will conduct its own assessments of the financial health of suppliers, following a schedule and approach similar to those of the dfE. Supplier management agreements are defined in the funding rules of the GLA AEB. Regular communication with the DfE regarding audit and intervention has been established. Information on how we allocate the budget for adult education, 19 to 24 internships, advanced credits, 16 to 18 internships and non-split funding of training to providers. We have updated the non-split aid information. Information on ESFA`s Education and Skills Agreements for the period 2020-2021 The legal rights to full funding for eligible adult learners, as set out in the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, also apply after the delegation of the AEB to the GLA. . . .