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I Stand In Agreement

A permanent contract creates shares from an existing order. If Jesus himself is actually in the midst of two or three believers who, in agreement and harmony, pray to God the Father, it means that Jesus hears their prayer loud and clear. And if Jesus hears their prayer loud and clear, then these two or three believers have a very good chance that their prayer will be answered by God the Father. It was a very good article, but I wonder where the author read the “perfect or exact” correspondence in the verses cited. In Matthew 18,19-20, nowhere is it said that “perfect concordance” is said in most of the translations I read. If two of you on earth agree on something…┬áThe only thing I can suspect is that it might have something to do with the Greek translation, and if it does, it has to be said. Otherwise, if this is the opinion of the author, this should also be indicated. No two people will ever be in perfect agreement, impossible. We are human beings and everyone has their own perspective. Only the Holy Trinity is in perfect conformity.

The other thing is minor, but verse 20 was also quoted and not recognized. On the one hand, there will be your own personal prayer life that you will develop with the Lord. On the other hand, you will partner with some of the most powerful and best prayer warriors you can find, so that you can be completely ready if God ever calls you to approach the agreement with this prayer. Where amendments or additions to a model agreement or a standing agreement are deemed necessary, additions or additions may be made by mutual agreement using an appropriate instrument of amendment. If God wants to associate you with other believers from time to time, it means that you need other good Christian friends, whom you can call at any time and ask them to pray in harmony and agreement with you. Many of you already have good prayer partners with whom you can do this. whether or not agreed with a fact, rule or principle that is formally in accordance with what has been said or approved Hello, I am for my husband in a very serious matter in the breach. I pray that all the shackles that prevent him from thriving mentally and financially will be broken. The Bible says that if the wife is a believer, but not the husband, He will bless the husband for the wife. (Do I understand correctly?) My husband is a child of God, but I believe he is blinded and does not see his own mistakes. Then the Lord should bless him even more if I ask Him.

I like it very much. I can`t bear to see him suffer. He has a lot of addicts and he empties him financially and spiritually. I pray for a prayer warrior who gets along with me in this matter. The Lord has never shown me anyone. .