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Swim Team Pool Rental Agreement

The cancellation of your booking must be made no later than fourteen (14) days before your booking. Last-minute cancellation of the rental property may result in the cancellation of all or part of your rent if other rents have been refused because you have booked the property. The pool can be closed at any time due to events of the owners` association, safety reasons, necessary repairs, maintenance work or inclement weather. A copy of the signed contract and pool party rules should be made available to all providers, planners and others who are related to the event, to ensure that they are familiar with all rules and policies. The member signing the contract must be present at all times during the event/rental, including installation and cleaning as well as all deliveries/withdrawals. In addition, the tenant`s failure to comply with asA rules may result in the cancellation of the event without a refund of fees. I, the undersigned, fully understand that there will be others with the characteristics described above, and I agree to act with caution and diligence to prevent them from getting bleed. When I swim, I confirm that I am familiar with swimming. When I play tennis, I confirm that I am familiar with tennis rackets and balls. I confirm that I am familiar with the laws, rules and etiquette of functions on the ownership of the association. The AFP may, at its sole discretion, cancel/suspend the use of the facility by the group or individual if it is established in the event of non-compliance with established guidelines and procedures. WRA reserves the right to deny members the right to lease the establishment if the member`s previous rental history was disturbing or if the rules and guidelines were not followed as written.

All leases must be entered into in accordance with instructions. I give this permission and assume all the associated risks if I take into account the fact that I can penetrate the characteristics of the club to swim, play tennis and do other leisure activities. I recognize and agree that the terms of this release and risk management are contractual and that this is not a mere consideration, which includes the entire agreement between the undersigned and the Association, which binds my heirs, executors and beneficiaries of the assignment and is interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama. This facility would be approximately 17,000 square metres and would have an operating cost of $204,000 per year.