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Toolbox Subscription Agreement For Businesses And Organizations

Note: If the terms of this agreement are contrary to the terms of an agreement negotiated and agreed individually between JetBrains and the Customer, the terms of this contract are prevalent. 13.3. The customer agrees that JetBrains is authorized to charge the customer for the period during which the customer has access to JetBrains products until the customer or JetBrains terminates or suspends the subscription to the customer in accordance with this Agreement. Students, teachers, academic institutions and non-commercial open source software projects qualify for one-year subscriptions that allow them to use fully functional versions of software for non-commercial purposes. Check the free subscription terms in the subscription comparison matrix. 13.1. JetBrains reserves the right to suspend the customer`s access to JetBrains products if the Customer does not pay the subscription fee on time in accordance with Section 6 of this Agreement. 5.1. Customers can extend their product subscription by an additional year by sending a written request to JetBrains 30 (30) days before the expiration of the toolbox subscription period.

(B) You agree to ensure that the use of a distributable product, which you copy, redistribute or make available to a third party, is governed by an agreement between the third party as a customer and JetBrains, and that third party is bound to the agreement prior to the use of such a redistributive product. JetBrains is the exclusive owner and exclusive licensee of any redisdis distributed product. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the loss or damage caused by the violation of this section. If you`re not sure if the Commercial Toolbox subscription is right for you, check the subscription comparison matrix. You`ll find a full overview of the discounted and free subscription plans in the available toolbox subscription plans. 12.1. The duration of the agreement begins with the acceptance of this Contract by the Customer, as stated in the preamble above, and will continue for each product until the end of the current subscription period, indicated in the respective subscription confirmation, or in the case of distributable products until they are terminated by the Customer or By Jetbras. This agreement is automatically renewed for each product for a subscription period following the toolkit, unless it is terminated as specified in the toolkit. 12.2. Customers can terminate this contract at any time by terminating their product subscription via the Customer`s JetBrains account. If such a termination occurs during an ongoing subscription period, this agreement will remain in effect until the end of this subscription period. Such a termination does not exempt the customer from paying the remaining subscription fee due to JetBrains and no credit or refund will be granted for prepaid subscription fees (except under JetBrains purchase conditions, if applicable).

In the case of redistributable products, the customer can terminate this contract with immediate effect by informing JetBrains of such termination, ending the use of the distributable product and removing all copies of the distributable product from its customers and archives. 16.1. Full agreement. This agreement, including the licensing conditions for third-party software, represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding their purpose and replaces all prior agreements between the customer and JetBrains regarding the customer`s use of products in the JetBrains toolbox.