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Vagrant License Agreement

1. Licensing and Restrictions. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, payment of all taxes and restrictions applicable to the User/Use, the Company grants licensee a non-sublicensed and non-exclusive right to use the current version of the Licensed Product solely in object code form. (“Product”) only in accordance with the Company`s current user documentation and only for the number of developers (“Developers”), indicated on the order form and/or download page, provided that each Developer may use the Product on two (2) computers. With the exception of a copy intended exclusively for backup purposes, the customer may only hold the number of copies of a product expressly authorized by the company); The Company reserves ownership of all copies and Licensee will retain the Copyright Notice and all other notices appearing on the Product on all copies and media. Before the disposal of media or equipment containing part of the product, the licensee must completely destroy the product contained therein. All restrictions and restrictions applicable to the products of this Agreement also apply to documentation and screens. In addition, a licence issued on an evaluation basis may only be used for evaluation purposes for a full licence and not for productive use. LICENSEE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE PRODUCT MAY HAVE FEATURES THAT PREVENT ITS USE AT THE EXPIRATION OF THE CURRENT LICENSE PERIOD AND/OR INCONSISTENT USE. The Licensee acknowledges that in addition to certain software, the Product may be marketed by third parties (“Third Party Software”) or that it may contain or use it….