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What Does This Agreement Shall Commence Mean

The duration of the agreement begins on the first day of the Company`s fiscal year beginning in 2004 (effective date) and ends on the last day of the Company`s fiscal year ending in 2007, subject to prior termination in accordance with Section 7 below (the “duration”). Any party executing the contract acts as an independent contractor and not as an employee or agent of the other party, and each party assumes no obligation of any kind, expressed or implied on behalf of the other party, or engages or engages the other party in any way. “subscription period,” the initial period and all subsequent extension periods. 4.3 If the subscription fee increases by a different amount from the annual increase, the subscriber may terminate the contract on the date the increase (or effective date) took effect, announcing the termination of the EDI before the effective date, after which EDI will refund any part of the subscription that relates to a period after that date already paid. 8.3 The obligations contained in this clause remain time-limited, but do not apply in the circumstances described in clauses 8.1.1 and 8.1.4 14.2. The Subscriber guarantees that it will obtain the consent of all users (including, but not limited to designated users) and other third parties if the personal data of these third parties is processed by EDI on behalf of the subscriber, as is required by providing the Services. The subscriber agrees to exempt the EDI from any cost, loss, expense, damage or injury that he may suffer as a result of a violation of this guarantee. 15.1 Without prejudice to any of its rights in this agreement, EDI may suspend all or part of the provision of the Services if the Subscriber does not pay the fees on the due date. In addition, the edi may denounce the service agreement if the offence that led to the suspension constitutes a violation of item 3.1 (e) and does not constitute, within seven days of notification, the request to agree with subscriber request 21.1, a notification to a party served under the service agreement, either manually or by first class prepaid (or air mail) if it is shipped internationally) or by mail or email. “Provisional delivery” is the meaning of the Special Conditions in point 7.1 above; 7.2 Each party releases the other contracting party and maintains it unscathed against any claim by a person, whether or not he is a party to this agreement, which alleges losses or damages suffered by that person as a result of corro their information in the data if the corruption is due to an act or omission of a staff member , a representative or contractor of a contracting party. This compensation is equal to a maximum amount corresponding to the annual value of the contract between the parties. 20.9 Nothing in clause 20 limits the liability of one of the parties in the event of fraud. “birthday,” the 12-month date from the effective date and 12 months from a later renewal date.

“party,” the “Skilldeal SPRL” collectively and the client; Without prejudice to the subcontractors mentioned in the Special Conditions, neither party will yield, yield, debit or process, without the prior written consent of the other party, all or part of that agreement or its rights or obligations. 7.1 Each party fully releases the other party and frees the other party from all losses, damages, claims, costs and expenses (including all full legal costs) incurred by one of the contracting parties or related to a violation of the service agreement by a party.