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Which Of The Following Sentences Has An Incorrect Subject-Verb Agreement

In the example sentence, there is a false subject-verb arrangement because the subject is plural (fleets of ancient fishing boats) and the auxiliary verb is singular (what). The correct version is this: the verb-subject chord is the inter-number between the subject and the verb. If the subject is singular, then the verb must be singular; And if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. Which of the following sentences has a false subject-verb arrangement? Has. Each of the runners on the cross-country ski team has good endurance. “Which of the following sentences has a false word subject contract?” Explanation: This sentence is the only sentence with a subject and a predicate. “Because he wasn`t hungry” is a basic clause that must depend on another sentence. “Rebekah was driving a race car, she won three races” is not a valid sentence, unless you put a semicolon after the word “car” to separate the two preachers inside (or a delay to make two separate sentences). . Explanation: The themed (substantial) fleets of old fishing boats that do not match, the verb was seen (only for I/he/she/it) Above the bay we saw fleets of old fishing boats on the horizon. .

Idk about question 5, but question 2 is the first option – question 10 is “but I haven`t existed yet.” or you can just ask him to get out of his house v.Whoever votes in every election is a good citizen. Explanation: The theme “I” is not properly bound by the verb (study), the complement (for the test) and the independent clause by the word “but” (but I still haven`t succeeded). d.Someone who performs all the tasks is obliged to do A.b.Everyone on the school basketball team is extremely tall.