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Black Lips polish new album to high shine

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Published in the Vancouver Sun June 14, 2011.


The Black Lips don’t need a special occasion to unleash their debauchery. It’s simply second nature for the Atlanta-based garage-punk quartet to shamelessly flop around on stage naked, swap spit with each other or publicly urinate on any given day.

Considering the band’s fabled shenanigans, it only makes sense that a bona fide cause for celebration would see the Black Lips upping the ante, putting both Charlie Sheen and The Hangover to shame. Last week marked the release of their sixth studio album, Arabia Mountain. One can only imagine what salacious festivities took place.

“I had the day off, so I just kinda relaxed,” Black Lips vocalist/guitarist Cole Alexander says nonchalantly over the phone from Los Angeles. “It was my birthday yesterday and I didn’t really celebrate that, either. I just chilled.”

It seems out of place for Alexander and his crew of critically acclaimed misfits to avoid trouble’s grasp, especially on such a milestone of a day. But as Arabia Mountain suggests with its tighter focus and polished retro sensibilities, the boys may have finally sprouted some permanent stubble on their chests.

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