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Fall on a Budget: Jewelry

Make a Statement on the Cheap

Published July 28, 2011 on 

Bolder is better in fall 2011, as jewelry trends stay on the daring and dramatic path. With inspirations ranging from oversize feather earrings and giant gem cocktail rings to antique floral pendants and sleek architectural cuffs, these fearless accessories can make any winter wardrobe mean business. But pretty pieces can cost a pretty penny. If you can’t dish out dollars for designer brands and are looking to hit the trends on a dime, don’t fret: There’s plenty of bling to be had for a few bucks.

Make a Statement

Niki Blasina, the blogger behind A Haute Mess and a monthly columnist for MTV Canada’s FORA fashion and beauty blog, says some of her favorite fall 2011 jewelry trends include mammoth jewels, chunky filigree, shoulder-dusting earrings and intricate bronze floral patterns.

“Statement jewelry has been on trend for the past few seasons, but this fall we’re going to see different versions of it,” she said, noting how the “statement” trend is being seen in earrings as well as necklaces. “I love the statement chokers seen at Michael Kors — wide metal, close-fitting neck pieces. I also really like the modern filigree as seen at Proenza Schouler. It’s a very modern take on what you would expect when you think of antique or cameo jewelry. Classic statement necklaces with oversize jewels are definitely back on trend this season, but with more color. Earrings that are on trend also make a statement. Think long, shoulder-grazing styles. There’s also the bronze floral trend — think anything from your garden like flowers, branches and leaves — in big shapes and bronze metal.

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  1. Ismael wrote:

    dankjewel ik doe hard mijn best om met mijn neus op de trends te zetitn ! 🙂 x <3leuke blog heb je trouwens ! elkaar volgen ? mijn follow heb je alvast x

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  2. Kaila wrote:

    hottest fashion trdnes at the moment:Gladiator shoeschecker tartan patterns (in small doses, so a shirt or headband not a whole dress!)patent bagsprinted tees with vest over the topmilitary style jacketsthe colour purple (very dark purple)grey instead of blackits only hot if it suits you, so dont fall into the trap of wearing trdnes to be cool. Pick and choose the ones that look good on you only as far as new york goes, im not 100% sure but pretty sure its all about whatever is in fashion on the catwalk and designer labels at all times and all seasons.

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