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Fall Trends: White Turtlenecks

Tube-Neck Top Layers On Chic Style

Published July 22, 2011 on 

By Amanda Ash

Despite sharing its name with a shy and poky reptile, the white turtleneck is a fun fall must-have that will inspire trend watchers to break out of their stale-style shells. The excitement behind the preppy, ’60s mod-inspired garment lies in its limitless layering possibilities. A long-sleeved top with a high, round collar that can fold over or bunch around the neckline, the white turtleneck is this fall’s piece with the most creative potential and versatility — an item that can be worn underneath everything from summery dresses to sexy, sophisticated blazers. It’s a winter winner that can breathe new life into a snore-worthy wardrobe while cocooning your body in warmth.

“Everybody loves to layer, so it seems like the turtleneck is a great place to start,” said Allison Smith, designer and owner of the fashion line Allison Wonderland. She notes how the piece follows the current layering trend and makes for easier transitioning between summer and winter wardrobes. “You could wear it under, say, a silky dress from the summer that you’re not quite ready to put away yet, or if it’s March and still cold outside, you could put a turtleneck underneath [a spring dress].”

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