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Inject some fun into your spring fitness routine

Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Sun.


It happens to the best of us: Spring rolls around, and as we strip off the pea coats and oversized sweaters, we notice a little jiggle in our step.

The gym is a logical place to start a sand-and-sun fitness routine, but for most people, hitting the treadmill can be just that -a lifeless routine that can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel. According to Eric Marcina of Urban Contender Kickboxing Bootcamps, getting in shape for the summer doesn’t have to be snore-worthy. The Vancouver-based instructor says the social environment of group classes can keep you motivated and help you to achieve that coveted beach body, all while having a bit of fun.

“Having that same goal of ‘I want to get into shape,’ ‘I want to look great for summer,’ ‘I want to look great for a wedding’ . Whatever the reasoning is, everybody has some sort of goal or mission, and 20 people doing it altogether makes everybody want to reach that goal together,” Marcina says.

“If you’re by yourself, there’s no motivation. If you’re suffering with other people or working hard with other people, it feels great and you never get bored. It keeps you going.”

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