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8 Stylish Workout Accessories

From Colorful Headbands to Snazzy Sunglasses, Workout Extras Can be Fashionable and Functional

Published August 23, 2011 on 

Bringing style to the gym may seem as futile as doing wall squats while chowing down on a cheeseburger. After all, your mascara just ends up in the rivers of sweat that crisscross your face, and anything you wear ends up smelling worse than a hockey goalie’s gear.

Many women tend to turn a blind eye toward their appearance before exercising, and rightfully so. But looking good while pumping iron actually has its advantages. According to Carolyn Williams, owner of The Bar Method workout studio in Vancouver, stylish workout accessories can actually aid your training.

“We often see, as people lose weight, that they start caring more about what they wear to class, and in turn, they actually start working harder,” said Williams, who also works as an instructor at her studio. “Also, if you feel confident in what you are wearing while you are working out, you will have the tendency to look at yourself more during your workout, which we encourage. This forces you to focus on your form, which in turn helps you to engage multiple muscles, giving you a better workout.”

Sarah Kurchak, a personal trainer and fitness instructor based in Toronto, also believes good-looking workout attire and accessories inspires extra effort.

“In my personal experience, both as a trainer and an exercise geek, putting on something that makes you feel both comfortable and stylish can have a huge impact on how you feel about your overall workout,” Kurchak said. “It sounds superficial, but the right outfit actually can help to keep people motivated and reach their training goals.”

Williams and Kurchak, along with Caroline Gault, Alberta-based “Fashion” magazine writer and Edmonton editor for Vitamin Daily, got the chance to choose eight must-have workout accessories that will keep you stylish as you push to your peak physical potential.

“I think that when you delve into workout accessories, it gets more exciting,” Gault said. “You’d be surprised by how many fun, stylish and functional products there are these days beyond your standard backpack and water bottle.”

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