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Review: Taylor Swift hearts Vancouver

Published in the Vancouver Sun September 10, 2011. BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN Taylor Swift curled her hands into the shape of a heart. With a sweet smile, the 21-year-old country-pop superstar hoisted the symbol above her head, letting it float above a sold-out crowd at Rogers Arena Saturday night. It was unlike the usual […]

Review: Ke$ha feeds Vancouver’s party hungry

Published in the Vancouver Sun September 9, 2011. BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN Good thing Ke$ha’s glitter orgy fell on a Friday. If it were a weekday, no one would’ve made it to work the next morning. As can be expected from the 24-year-old pop-rock star who sing-raps about brushing her “teef” with Jack Daniels, […]

Vancouver’s geography reels in film industry

Published on on September 8, 2011. Vancouver’s backyard is sprinkled with snow-capped mountains, lush forests, sandy beaches and glittering waters. Drive a few hours outside the neighborhood and you’ll discover dusty deserts, icy ridges and cozy rural towns. In all its vegetative forms, Vancouver and B.C.’s geography has been its calling card for major motion […]

Review: Janet Jackson sparks a rush of nostalgia

Published in the Vancouver Sun August 26, 2011.  BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN When you’ve got 34 number one songs to your name, you’re allowed to celebrate any way you want. As the title of Janet Jackson’s current Number Ones: Up Close & Personal tour suggested, the 45-year-old R&B pop star chose to look back […]

Review: Sade’s decade-long absence hasn’t lost her any fans

Published in the Vancouver Sun August 14, 2011. BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN Sade’s decade-long hibernation hasn’t left them buried and forgotten Ten years may have passed since the English R&B soft rock band last toured or released a record, but neither Sade nor the crowd at Rogers Arena seemed to blink an eye at […]

Dinosaurs roam again at Science World

Published in the Vancouver Sun July 30, 2011 BY AMANDA ASH, SPECIAL TO THE SUN Jennifer Chow sounds like she’s in trouble. Over the phone, it’s a jungle of noise and excitement as ravenous creatures chatter and chirp. Critters screech in the background. A bloodthirsty roar rings out in the distance. Then comes the low, […]

Katy Perry gives Vancouver fans a sugar rush

Published in the Vancouver Sun on July 20, 2011 BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN Katy Perry has her unwavering confidence to thank for the giant, cotton candy Cloud Nine she’s been riding since her breakthrough single I Kissed A Girl hit the airwaves in 2008. Sure, her blue wigs and cupcake bras are hot. Her […]

The Cheaper Show celebrates 10 year milestone

Published on on June 24, 2011 The sidewalks surrounding The Cheaper Show’s East Vancouver venue are currently empty. But on June 26, the annual one-night event saw line-ups close to 10,000 visitors strong – many of them eager to lose their visual art virginity. This year marks The Cheaper Show’s 10th anniversary. As the tagline […]

Twilight Saga gives young Vancouver actors a taste of celebrity

Feature published in the Vancouver Sun February 24, 2011. BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN “It’s a little bit strange sometimes when you’re not expecting it,” 16-year-old Jodelle Ferland giggles. “You’re just walking down the street and somebody comes up to you and knows who you are.” For the Vancouver-based, Nanaimo-born actress, playing Bree Tanner in […]

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrive in Vancouver

Story published in the Vancouver Sun February 21, 2011. BY AMANDA ASH, VANCOUVER SUN Local Twihards can start swooning again after Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the two stars of the blockbuster vampire series The Twilight Saga, flew in Monday afternoon to Vancouver International Airport. The two onscreen lovebirds — and rumoured real-life couple — were […]