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Review: Ke$ha feeds Vancouver’s party hungry

Published in the Vancouver Sun September 9, 2011.


Good thing Ke$ha’s glitter orgy fell on a Friday. If it were a weekday, no one would’ve made it to work the next morning.

As can be expected from the 24-year-old pop-rock star who sing-raps about brushing her “teef” with Jack Daniels, getting crunk and stripping on the dance floor, Ke$ha’s show at Rogers Arena Friday night was a filthy hot mess. Inhibitions, both on stage and off, became optional, and all acceptable behaviour vanished like Keyser Soze.

Sure, it sounds like a blast. The whole Get $leazy Tour experience took you back to those early experimental undergrad days before you felt regret or guilt. And for most of the young adult fans–decked out in ripped pantyhose and neon booty shorts–and whose ages fell into that particular party hungry category, Ke$ha was exactly what they wanted out of their Friday night. But for those late 20-something-year-olds who have graduated to the kind of hangovers that make you feel like you chugged Draino, the carnal overindulgence instigated an automatic gag-reflex rather than the compulsion to take off your shirt and do belly shots.

That’s the thing about Ke$ha: You kinda had to be a certain age and in a certain mood to listen to her discs, Animal and Cannibal. But in the end, when it came to really enjoying the sleaze-fest of the century, all fun was directly proportional to the number of drinks you had consumed. If you were sober, lord have mercy. If you managed to trade a few bricks of gold for one of the arena’s pink cocktails, then you probably had the time of your life, no matter your age. Seriously. In a matter of minutes, a concert that was a two could turn into a ten with the help of a beverage.

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