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Britney may be much older, but Mickey Mouse hasn’t entirely left her dancing show

Published in the Vancouver Sun July 1, 2011


Britney Spears’s performance at Rogers Arena Friday night must have triggered a flood of memories for the stilettoed female 20-somethings in attendance who undoubtedly grew up idolizing the ’90s teen-pop sex symbol along with Dawson’s Creek and pogs.

But there was also something inherently wrong about the entire spectacle.

It’s no secret that Britney is the ultimate manufactured pop product. To witness the extent of the packaging in person, however, is like getting hit in the face with a slap bracelet.

As Britney came out in a sparkling white onesie singing Hold It Against Me off her latest album Femme Fatale — if those crisp vocals were, in fact, hers — it was clear there’s not much that’s real left of the Kentwood, La.-raised singer. Her moves were uninspiring and her voice way too pitch-perfect to come from someone bouncing around in a bra.

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