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Canadian Futures: Dan Mangan

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the National Post to flex my future-seeing eye. The Ampersand approached a select number of Canadian music critics, bloggers and mega-fans for an answer to this question:

If you were buying stocks in music, which up and coming Canadian musical act would you invest in?

Here was my response:

I would invest in upcoming Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan. His 2007 debut album Postcards and Daydreaming was a sleeper hit, giving him indie cred with the kids who had their ears to the ground. However, it’s his sophomore disc Nice, Nice, Very Nice that will be akin to lighting a stick of dynamite with a short fuse. Sure, Mangan’s already making waves in the Canadian indie scene, but it’s a no-brainer to say Mangan will continue to impress with his colorful, folk-infused narratives and husky voice. When Nice, Nice, Very Nice was released, it sprang to number one on the iTunes Canada singer/songwriter album chart, garnered rave reviews and earned him a handful of international tour dates. He’s even brandished a few awards since the album dropped in August: Mangan won “Artist Of The Year” from XM Satellite’s Verge Music Awards (which came with a nice cash prize of $25,000) and two CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards for “Best Vocals” and “Best Song” (for his tune “Robots”). The excited chatter over this bearded bard can be heard far and wide. One part rugged heartbreaker, one part genius songster and a million parts charming, Dan Mangan will be a sound investment for years to come.
Amanda Ash, freelance journalist

(Article was posted December 28, 2009).

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