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Singer turns the Page

Story published in the Vancouver Sun on September 4, 2010.


It’s been a year and a half since Steven Page left the popular Canadian band the Barenaked Ladies, but like any long-term relationship breakup, Page is still adjusting to the single life.

Sept. 28 marks the release of the former frontman’s debut solo album Page One, a clever and potent title that suggests a new beginning for the musician who used to sing about Chinese chicken and winning a million dollars.

“Going through the whole process of writing and recording and coming up with artwork, and not having four other guys to argue or collaborate with, is a totally fresh and different thing for me,” Page says over the phone from Syracuse, N.Y. “All those fantasies I may have had over the 20 years previous about doing this on my own, now it is up to me and some of that is totally exciting and gratifying but some of it is like, ‘What if I f— it up?’”

Technically, Page One isn’t his first kick at the solo can. In 2005, Page pursued a side project called The Vanity Project with Duran Duran founding member Stephen Duffy.


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