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You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot to Look Great

To Have First-Rate Style, A Few Simple Tricks Outweigh a Fat Wallet

Published August 10, 2011 on 

For the average fashionista, Christmas comes four times a year. Each season means new trends and a new shopping adventure that can make you feel like a 12-year-old kid hopped-up on hot cocoa. As exciting as it is to bag new looks in clothing, shoes and accessories every few months, however, seasonal wardrobes can leave your credit card looking more ragged than a half-eaten candy cane.

Although keeping up with fall’s comfy camel coats and chic sweaters while maintaining a budget sounds more difficult than gift shopping for your strange Uncle Frank, there are plenty of tricks to maintaining a contemporary style without lagging behind the fashion curve.

Rediscover and Re-Wear

According to Kelsey Dundon, Vancouver-based fashion blogger for The Anthology and lifestyle editor at Vitamin Daily, a budget-friendly way of staying on top of fall 2011 trends starts with raiding the depths of your closet to evaluate what you already own.

“Long maxiskirts were everywhere … and they’ll look beautiful with flat boots on sunny fall days,” Dundon said. “Ladylike pencil skirts from a few seasons ago are huge again. Shoes are more classic than they have been in recent seasons, so dig deep in your closet, polish off the pairs you bought a few years ago and rock them all over again.”

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