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Brad Paisley takes Vancouver crowd out of the city-frame-of-mind


There’s something comforting about country music.

It’s a bit like taking a sonic holiday, except instead of white beaches and foamy oceans, you’ve got never-ending country roads, dusty boots and the powerful punch of a pickup truck on the highway.

Country music superstar and Grammy Award winning artist Brad Paisley gave fans a taste of this gritty freedom Saturday night at Rogers Arena, showcasing his wicked guitar-plucking skills and his uncomplicated lyrical narratives about love, loss and life.

Add in Paisley’s boy-next-door affection and his genuine smile, and you’ve got a recipe for a young woman’s ultimate getaway.

When you think about it, we’ve all said we need to “get out of the city.” And where do we go? Our escapist destination usually ends up being a rough patch of grass in the mountains, or a secluded cabin on a lake with no hot water.

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