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Jack Johnson mellows out the crowd at Rogers Arena

Story published in the Vancouver Sun on October 2, 2010.


“He’s, like, The Mellow Guy. What’s he gonna do?”

Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg pretty much sums up Jack Johnson’s pop-culture image.

If you’ve seen the Hawaii-born musician’s latest music video for At or With Me, which features Samberg making fun of and brawling with Johnson (a.k.a. “Mellow Guy”), you’ll know the surf rocker has become the punchline for a number of jokes involving hemp, hippies and headbands.

Johnson’s lyrics for At or With Me are telling: “Are they laughing at or with me? / Why can’t we just say what we mean?”

Yes, Johnson’s laid-back, peaceful and sunshine-filled tunes are sleepy and dozy. In fact, they could probably put baby mobiles right out of business.

But, as Johnson demonstrated to a packed crowd Friday night at Rogers Arena, he doesn’t really care about counteracting his love-and-clouds sound with schizophrenic lights or pantsless dancers.

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