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Tegan and Sara couldn’t stop the rain, but they made it worth braving

Published in the Vancouver Sun on Saturday, September 25.


Tegan and Sara are like twin human Bellagio fountains. They put on a comedic, synchronous ballet of song and banter that charms the pants off everyone from a seven-year-old Miley Cyrus fan to a 55-year-old jazz aficionado.

That was the scene at Stanley Park’s Malkin Bowl on Friday night, where the sibling pop-rock duo entertained a cold, damp crowd with their honest tunes and straight-faced repartee.

“We just want to say we’re so sorry. So sorry,” said Sara, referring to the spitting rain and muddy Malkin Bowl.

“Even Tegan and Sara can’t keep away the rain,” added Tegan, before kicking off their set with an acoustic Call It Off from 2007’s The Con.

Tegan and Sara have straddled the line between indie stardom and mainstream recognition admirably, managing to maintain the respect of surly hipsters while charging forth onto radio airwaves.

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